There was a time when a roof survey involved costly scaffolding and a team of roofers required to work at height.


It took time to arrange, time to set up and quite frequently, the end result would be ‘we can’t see anything but we thing it is this….’.


Those days have gone now thanks to Balmore Specialist Contracts and our sister division Balmore Inspection Services.  We have access to a fleet of commercial aerial drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras and HD quality video and picture capturing technology.

It is fast, efficient and reliable.  We can send one of our aerial drones up to conduct a full roof survey of your property where we can conduct thermal imaging scans to determine if there is any vulnerable spots where water is getting in and heat is getting out whilst our HD video and imaging means we can show you accurately what issues you may be having with your roof and then back this data up with the thermal imaging.

What it means is that if there is a problem with your roof, we will find it before anyone has even had to go up a ladder, let alone set up expensive scaffolding.


Balmore Specialist Contracts can provide our UAV aerial drone roof surveys for both commercial and residential customers alike and the use of our drones can offer real cost savings over traditional methods such as scaffolding – whilst being more reliable.

We can even supply you with the video footage to archive so that in the years to come, you can monitor and ‘keep an eye’ on your roof in more detail.


Through our sister division Balmore Inspection Services, we can offer something that few other roofing firms in Scotland can; a fast, reliable and affordable way of conducting a roof survey that can enable us to perform our job to an even higher standard.  Our drone pilots are fully trained and qualified to fly drones in built up areas.  So if you want a reliable, professional and trusted roofing firm to conduct a survey of your roof, there is only one call you need to make.  Balmore Specialist Contracts in Glasgow.  Call us today on 0141 9446100