At Balmore we can supply and fit non-slip coatings and flooring to almost any surface. Years of experience in the roofing business have led us to be leaders in the field of durable non-slip flooring applications.

Any building that requires a surface or floor to be non-slip for health and safety reasons will benefit from our coatings and services. It can be expensive, laborious and a recurring job to ensure surfaces such as floors, pavements, walkways, stairs and bridges are non-slip by applying semi-durable, temporary non-slip ‘stickers’. In contrast, our flat sheet anti-slip compound comprises a rigid GRP (glass reinforced plastic) panel, with pigmented quartz grit impregnated into the surface which performs and lasts like no other surface compound. It provides a cost-effective, durable, visually-appealing and highly effective flooring solution.

Our anti-slip coatings are invaluable when it comes to safety. Moisture is usually the main cause of a slippery surface but this has little or no effect on our non-slip coating for stairs and many other surfaces. This makes it the perfect non-slip product for outdoor public places like train and bus stations, large car parks, university and college campuses and almost anywhere where there’s frequent footfall.


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The product has been extensively tested by an independent research testing agency and has been found to comply with current British Standards as an enhanced non-slip material for flat or sloping surfaces, and in both dry and wet conditions. Accelerated wear tests were also carried out, equating to 15 years of heavy pedestrian wear. The product was found to comply as a non-slip surface for all four conditions and didn’t freeze in the tests either.

Non-slip coating benefits stairs, decking, garage floors and much more besides as they are very successful in preventing accident and injuries. This is especially the case in the winter months when anti slip flooring is one of the best surface options for garage flooring. With our non-slip coatings, you can relax knowing that you, your family and your friends are less likely to have a dangerous accident.

Non-slip industrial and commercial flooring & surfaces/ non-slip coating on stairs

Our anti-slip coatings are available in any thickness and can be manufactured to your required dimensions and choice of colour. Non-slip coatings have to suit the individual needs of the customer as thickness and surface size can vary depending on the job.

Our coatings exceed British Standards as an enhanced non-slip surface and have a life span of over 25 years. This means you save money in the long term compared to using other less effective and less durable non-slip coatings that are on offer. Not only are these other non-slip coatings often less effective, they are generally still expensive due to the nature of the non-slip flooring and coating market. However, this need not be the case with Balmore.

At Balmore, we offer a genuine product – a very effective and long lasting non-slip coating for outdoor and indoor use which exceeds the British requirements. You can prevent dangerous accidents and emergencies by installing our non-slip coating. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Key Features of our anti-slip flooring/coatings

Excellent anti-slip surface

High visibility nosing fulfils DDA guidelines

Available with 90 or 83 degree return

Quick & easy to install, suitable for the repair of damaged step edges

Extremely durable, manufactured from corrosion resistant GRP – will not rot or distort

Available in standard lengths or made to measure

Typical Applications

Car Parks
Fire Escapes
Access Equipment
Internal & external flooring
Disabled entrances and access points
Petrol stations
For non-slip concrete surfaces
In fact, the anti-slip coating can be applied to any internal or external surface that tends to become slippery or dangerous when wet or if on an incline.

Commercial Considerations For Employer/Customer

Recent findings by The National Accident Help Line illustrate that claims by people who believe they are entitled to compensation following a slip or fall can be very high. Depending on the severity of the slip and on-going impact on the claimant’s life pay-outs could range as follows:

Serious foot injuries £14,550 – £22,700
Severe knee injuries £15,525 – £56,050
Hip or pelvic injury £2,200 – £76,400
Wrist injury with on-going problems £7,400 – £14,300
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