Our Rope Access Contract team provide building maintenance, roofing and other difficult access services for clients across Scotland. We provide a number of vital building maintenance and repair services as well as masonry repairs, brickwork and roofing.

What is a Rope Access Steeplejack?

Steeplejacks use ladders and rope access equipment on Church Spires, Industrial Buildings, Cooling Towers and other difficult to access, historic and industrial buildings.

We can provide repair work, lightning protection, roofing and other stonework and building maintenance services using this access method.

Steeplejack Services

Steeplejack Services with our Rope Access Team

We are highly skilled workers trained in rope and ladder access which does not require scaffolding. This can save you significantly on the cost of maintenance contracts.

We work on all structural types offering a cost effective solution to reach difficult access, high up locations. Our Rope Access Team allows us to work safely at height and carry out multiple difficult location manoeuvres to access large areas of a building structure without the need for scaffolding.

About Balmore Specialist Contracts

Since 1984, we have become one of the leading steeplejack contractors in Scotland. As just one part of our multi service construction business, we work extensively in industrial, commercial and residential contracts across the country. From historic church steeples to power station chimneys, we can work on all aspects of roofing, building maintenance and inspection work.

From our head office in Glasgow, we can work on one off and scheduled contract work.

To find out more, please call our head office on 0141 944 6100 or email sales@balmore-ltd.co.uk.

steeplejack services
Rope Access Steeplejack Services across Scotland