Sarking Repairs are one of the specialist areas of roof repairs that we provide at Balmore for our customers who require an expert, experienced roofer with real values and a quality service.

Whether your roof uses Scotch, Welsh, Spanish or Westmorland Slate or tiling to protect your home, the sarking beneath is an invaluable part of your roofs structure and needs to be well maintained, just like the rest of your roof.

The sarking is the wood panels (or sarking boards) which slates are nailed to. This helps to distribute the weight of the roof and allow adequate fixing area to ensure that your slate roofing is properly secured.

Additional waterproofing felts and reflective insulation materials can be added to sarking to further protect your home from the wind and rain while helping to retain heat during the cold Glasgow winter.

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Sarking is made of wood which means that if water is penetrating your homes roof because of loose of missing tiles, the sarking can be vulnerable. Damaged sarking can loose its grip on the nails that hold slates in place which in turn can mean you loose more slates from your roof – further accelerating the problem.

About Balmore Specialist Contracts

At Balmore, we are a Glasgow Roofer with over 35 years real experience. From modern to old, we have worked on all types of roof repair and sarking repairs including the complete replacement and refitting of new sarking to make roofing stronger.

While many would assume that modern roofing technology is far superior to older construction methods; traditional roofing construction and techniques have and do work incredibly well. In fact, on some of the older Victorian homes across Glasgow, you will find 100+ year old homes with their original roofing. Sarking wooden beams were thicker and made from different species of wood and slate roofs were original Scottish Slate.

This is why, on older roofing, if the slate has been properly maintained and repaired, there is no need for costly replacement work. An original slate roof with sarking that is properly taken care of can last a lifetime.

If you would like to know more about sarking repairs, please contact our Glasgow Head Office.

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