When it comes to the maintenance and restoration of historic buildings, the repointing of sandstone and other stonework walls is an often overlooked yet vital part of a buildings health.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we are one of the leading building maintenance experts in Scotland and when it comes to the restoration of historic buildings, there are few that come close to matching our level of skill and quality.

Repointing Sandstone Buildings

Over time, stonework and masonry can become damaged thanks to the heavy rainfall and freezing/icing during the winter. Poor maintenance and bad practices can enhance the damage to existing pointing.

historic building repointing

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we have years of experience in historic restoration treating, repairing and preserving all types of stonework in churches, cathedrals, historic buildings, town halls, civic relics and public and private property across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland. We understand the importance of careful stonework repair to our customers as many of these structures and monuments are of historical value and are more than just historic buildings.

As part of our historic building restoration, we offer proper and detailed repointing of old walls using the correct mortar to ensure that the stonework can breath and will NOT create future damp issues. With the number of red and blonde sandstone homes across Glasgow and Edinburgh, we use special grade of lime mortar for repointing.

Unfortunately a lot of building companies will use a heavy mortar – or worse, concrete for pointing. Not only will this effect the visual look of the property but concrete pointing can lead to damp build up and stonework damage.

When is repointing needed?

It is rare for a building to require a complete repointing but walls exposed to the heaviest weathering or those that are effected by rainwater leaks and leaking gutters can require specific attention.

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