As a leading Rope Access specialists based in Glasgow, Balmore have been providing difficult access for business and industry across Scotland for over 35 years.

Most of the techniques employed in the difficult access sector have originally come from climbing and cave exploration. These skills have transferred over into industry rope access as a way to allow workers to be attached to complex buildings using rope work so that they can carry out difficult access work while suspended in the air.

This method of access for repairs, maintenance and cleaning work can be done for substantially less than other methods such as scaffolding with is both expensive AND limiting in terms of access and positioning.

Our IRATA Rope Access team providing window cleaning services for an Office Building in Glasgow City Centre
IRATA Rope Access Team in Glasgow

When traditional heights cannot be reached through the likes of scaffolding, cherry pickers, cranes and ladders, IRATA Rope Access can become an invaluable asset for building maintenance, roof repairs and building inspection.

With rope access systems, the Balmore team can perform the various services and duties that we perform on a regular basis across Glasgow and Scotland, safely and securely. And to ensure the safety of our team, at Balmore, we use a back-up fall arrest system to keep our roof and building team safe.

As you would expect, we inspect and check over our rope access equipment before and after every job to make sure that it has not suffered from any damage either in use or in transit to a job site.

From cleaning to inspection, surveying, maintenance and repair; rope access has allowed us to offer our customers an improved service in difficult to access locations.

Locations such as Edinburgh Castle, Church Spires, Bridges, Monuments and other complex historic building across Scotland have been worked on by Balmore with our IRATE Rope Access Team.

If you would like to know more about Balmore and our Rope Access Services, please call our Glasgow Head Office today on 0141 944 6100

rope access services in Glasgow
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