For nearly four decades, Balmore have been providing Roofing, Building Maintenance and Rope Access services from our base in Glasgow, across the central belt of Scotland.

Across everything that we do, we have always reinvested in our team and our equipment so that we can offer our customers more.

We break our huge range of services into three core classes. Inspection, Repairs & Cleaning.

Roof Inspection work being done with our Rope Access team. A faster and cheaper method of inspection compared to scaffolding

Inspection Services for Roofing, Building Maintenance and Rope Access

Inspection is the first step the understanding a problem with your roof or building stonework and is also the beginning of the solution.

Whether it is roof repairs, building maintenance or working at height, we provide one of Scotland’s leading ‘Difficult Access Specialist’ services available.

Our Rope Access Team can reach locations that are simply not possible by other more conventional means (ie. scaffolding) and our more than three decades of experience has given us years of experience in what to look our for as part of an inspection service.

Inspecting a roof for signs of wear, tear and water ingress can be an invaluable first step in not only stopping a problem before it gets any bigger but also in saving considerably on repair costs. Small maintenance work on a commercial roof is a lot less expensive than having to repair a damaged roof that is leaking rain water.

Similarly, building maintenance is an invaluable method of ensuring that your property is protected. From removing biomatter like moss, algae and fungus using DOFF Steam Cleaning power to lead work that forms both a decorative feature and important protective barrier for your property.

Balmore has grown a lot since our humble early days in the West End of Glasgow. From humble beginnings as a local Glasgow Roofer, we have grown t become a specialist in all matters relating to Inspection, Repairs and Cleaning for your properties roofing and building structure.

If you would like to know more about our inspection services ranging from roofing inspection to building stonework inspection, please contact our Glasgow head office on 0141 944 6100

Our building maintenance goes beyond just concrete steps. Here we are working on the internal roofing restoration of a historic building in Glasgow

Repair Services for Roofing, Building Maintenance and Rope Access Services

While inspections and regular maintenance are important, we all know that the weather in Glasgow can cause things to become damaged regardless of how well maintained they are.

Stormy winds, ice build up and similar issues can rip up slate roofing tiles, can damage drainage systems on roofing and can lift up lead sheeting that would otherwise stop water from entering a home. Being able to call on a local Glasgow Roofer or Builders to fix and repair these issues can be a challenge considering how many roofers there are in Glasgow. And finding one that you can depend on to get the job done can be equally frustrating.

For nearly 40 years, we have been providing a quality roofing service for our customers in Glasgow. We wouldn’t have lasted this long if we weren’t doing our job properly. So many of our customers are repeat business because they understand the value of having a reliable Glasgow Roofer or Building Maintenance team that they can call on to carry out repairs to their properties roofing and building stonework.

And when it comes to accessing roofing and building structures, our rope access team are head and shoulders above the rest. From accessing difficult access spots like church spires and historic building roofing to regular repair jobs that can be provided for substantially less than scaffolding.

Scaffolding after all adds a considerable cost to repair jobs.

If you would like to know more about our repair services, please click the following links:

Window Cleaning can’t always be done with ladders

Cleaning Services for Roofing, Building Maintenance and Rope Access Services

You might be wondering what we mean by cleaning services for the likes of Roofing in Glasgow. Well your gutters need regular cleaning to ensure that the don’t block up and cause internal damage to your home. A build up of moss, algae and other biomatter can require delicate stonework cleaning of your home. And of course with Rope Access, our team can provide a regular cleaning service for abseil window cleaning among other difficult to access cleaning services.

Because of our specialist historic building repair work, our rope access team can provide a complete cleaning service for internal historic buildings like theatres where the large open internal spaces and busy seating floor layout means that rope access teams are the preferred option for accessing and cleaning internal ceiling spaces in these magnificent spaces.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning services for roofing, building maintenance and rope access, please call our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 944 6100