How To Protect Your Lead Roofing From Theft

Lead Roof Theft

Lead theft is big business these days and no one is safe. Churches, schools, government buildings, businesses and homes are all at risk as the economy struggles and thieves look to make a fast buck, often at the great expense to organisations and people who just can’t afford it to happen.

There are measures you can take to protect your roof and property. Some are simple, inexpensive measures and others will cost, but are worth it to protect high value roofing materials.

Here are our top tips to prevent theft of your roof:

  • Let your community know that lead theft exists and that they may also be at risk
  • Report any usual or suspicious vans outside your property and beware unexpected workmen
  • Give neighbouring business and organisations your telephone number so they can contact you to check authenticity should anyone be on your roof
  • Put posters and signs around your property warning you are on the lookout for thieves – particularly roofing thieves!
  • Never leave ladders outside your property. Put them away when not in use. Other means of climbing on to your roof such as wheelie bins, trees, gardens tables, such be moved away from walls – anything to make it more difficult to access the roof!
  • Tell your insurance company if you are having work done on your roof – it may affect your claim if you don’t and something happens and you need to claim
  • Invest in security lighting and, if you can afford it, motion sensor lighting
  • Find out about  anti-climb treatment paint for drainpipes and guttering  – remember it’s only legal to use it on pipes over 2 metres high and you must put warning notices up
  • Get an anti-theft coating for your roof such as SmartWater
  • Finally, if you catch the thieves red-handed don’t be afraid to call 999
  • It’s not only leading that gets stolen. If you have copper or other metals on your roof take similar precautions

Contacts us to find out more information on how to protect your roof from theft.