Free Roof Surveys

Roof surveys are carried out on every property Balmore work on for roof repairs or fittings. There are many different and important reasons why these need to done and as such, at Balmore offer them completely free of charge to our customers.


A fully qualified and trained roof surveyor will carry out your free roof survey, looking for what needs to be repaired, strengthened and replaced. The roof survey is also extremely important for health and safety – you could be in danger if the roof is heavily damaged and/or if the roof is very, very old. Our customers are our number one priority and we also carry out this check to make sure that the roof is not hazardous to our workmen prior to commencing work. If the roof is found to be too dangerous to work on, safety checks will have to be put in place before work can begin, or in rare cases the whole roof may need replacing.

The vast majority of the time, a whole roof rarely needs fully replacing, most things can be repaired. However, there are some things to watch out for when choosing a roofer, and one of these things is inexperienced and under-qualified cowboy builders. They may be distrustful when surveying your property e.g. they will recommend repairs you don’t actually need and/or even tell you that a whole new roof needs to be fitted, costing you much more money. Not only this, but they may not even do the job properly, leading to you having to call for more repairs later on. Once again, you’ll be paying out even more.

At Balmore, we take our customers very seriously, providing the highest level of care and workmanship. Our thorough and trusted roof surveys are integral to our work and your peace of mind, hence the reason we undertake them at no cost whatsoever! Have us survey your property, find out what work needs to be done and we will give you an estimate as to how much it’ll all come to. There’s no pressure, you’ll be free to come to your own decision after that. Remember that it is better to invest money in a reliable, trusted and experienced roofer than the cowboys who claim to know it all.

Our free roof surveys help our customers know what repairs they need, how much they’ll cost and allow them to budget before work commences. There really is no downside in getting in contact with us for your free roof survey. We’re here to answer any questions to yo may have – why not book your free roof survey today?

For a FREE Roof Survey and FREE Estimate, call 0141 944 6100 – you’ll be glad you did.