On the anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Disaster, the are still some 230,000 people in the UK living in homes with dangerous cladding.

An estimated 24,000 of these residents live in tower blocks that use the same cladding as that used on the Grenfell tower block that cost the lives of 72 people in 2017.

Properties in Scotland and England that are under 18m in height are not part of these figures yet can also feature this dangerous cladding that needs to be removed and replaced.

Why is some cladding so dangerous?

Cladding panels made from plastic and aluminium (like those fitted to the Grenfell Tower) are fitted to make the buildign warmer and drier. However this type of cladding burns very easily and the plastic sandwich of polythylene (PE) between the very thin sheets of aluminium is highly flammable. Combined with the way that cladding creates a chimney funnel that allows fire and heat to rise rapidly, some types of cladding are dangerous and need to be replaced.

Yet despite the widely accepted fact that there are hundreds of thousands in Scotland and England living in dangerous fire risk homes, the current state of progress suggests it could take a further two decades to make buildings above 18m safe.

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What can be done to fix the problem?

The simple answer is that the dangerous, unsafe and highly flammable cladding similar to that fitted to the Grenfel Tower needs to be replaced. The problem is time. It takes time to replace cladding panels on a property. And while one or two damaged cladding panels can be completely in a relatively short period of time, the complete replacement of an entire cladding system on a building takes considerably longer.

As one of the leading Rope Access providers in the UK, we can provide a fast responding and safe cladding replacement service across Scotland and the North of England.

Specialising in ‘At Height’ work thanks to our in house rope access team, we are one of the leading roofing and building maintenance contractors in Scotland. Based in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England and from Industrial work to historic restorations, we are dedicated to offering the very best in service and quality in everything we do.

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