Across Scotland, there is more than just a handful of ancient and historic buildings, castles and stately homes that have roofs that are as old as the home itself.

These old slate roofs were made at a time when roof construction was done in a completely different way to modern methods. From the size of slate used to the nails that hold them in place, the lead detailing around chimneys and spiral sections and of course decorative slate patterns.

historic building restoration using rope access

This kind of roofing and roof repair is NOT the same as modern methods so when owners of these historic building need work done on their roofs, they need to call in not just another Glasgow roofer but a specialist roofer. It is why we are so often called by property owners needing work carried out on Grade A listed buildings.

Balmore Specialist Contracts is just that roofer.

With over 35 years experience, we have made our name by offering a quality roofing service specialising on older building restoration and repairs. This covers everything from the sandstone maintenance (which is useful for original chimneys and decorative stonework features of older properties) to the lead work and metal decorative features that were so popular with older homes.

Castles of course are not just what we associate with thank to Disney movies. A castle in Scotland does not have to have a moat and draw bridge to be classified as one. Yet these old castles still need specialist roofing care.

That is why at Balmore, we use a scientific led approach, using the latest in technology to help preserve the past. We use aerial drones equipped with thermal imaging to scan and inspect castle and historic building roofs. This was we can identify any invisible issues and fix them BEFORE they become a significant expense to repair. And with our Rope Access Team, we do not need scaffolding to gain access to the difficult to reach spires of more flamboyant castles and Church Towers.

rope access roof repairs
Rope Access Roof Repairs on a Church

Our record speaks for itself when it comes to roof repairs in Glasgow. We have built a solid client base by offering a superior quality roof repair service over our competitors and we can offer specialised roof repair work on historic buildings – something that so many of our competitors cannot.

If you would like to find out more about our roof repair and restoration services for Castles, Churches and other historic buildings across Scotland then call our head office today.

Castle and Historic Building Stone Repairs
Decorative Stone Details of a Historic Building Roof