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Balmore are consistently recommended roofers and have a very strong repeat-client base within Glasgow.

We have been in the roofing business for almost 30 years and are continually gaining more experience and improving our techniques. Workers at Balmore are some of the best roofing specialists in Scotland today, which means you can be certain that your property is in the safest of hands with us. From serving Glasgow for so long, Balmore know there are a multitude of different types and ages of roofs around, and we know that our workers are capable of repairing and maintaining just about all of them.

112-glasgow-cathedralFrom your everyday detached home roof, flat roofs and less common roofs such as on churches, Glasgow is home to many different variations of roof and we know that we have to be prepared for anything as Glasgow’s best roofers. As a customer, you have to choose your roofing contractors wisely as some company’s do not adhere to all safety precautions and don’t always know how to do the work properly. This leaves the customer paying even more as extra work almost always needs carried out to fix up your property after the previous work was not done correctly.

We at Balmore are accredited by many institutions and organisations, we can also provide examples of past projects that have went extremely well. We also offer free property surveys so you are not pressured into choosing a roofer without any prior knowledge. Balmore hold the customer at heart which is why we are Glasgow’s recommended and best roofer, our expertise, customer service and pricing are both competitive and fair.

Balmore don’t just offer roofing repairs, we can fit different kinds of roofs, maintain them so they avoid needing repairs and we offer more services which can be used in conjunction with some kinds of roofing such as Lead Work. Our Homepage shows all the different services Balmore have to offer to our customers.

You won’t find find a better roofer in Glasgow with more specialties, experience and a larger client-base than Balmore. We are Glasgow’s best roofers and uphold the highest standard of quality to keep to that promise, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are still unsure about who to go to or you haven’t hired a roofing contractor before, give us a call or email us and we are always happy to explain and answer any and all questions you may have. We know from experience that it can be confusing or even stressful for customers who haven’t done this sort of thing before, that’s why we’ll be with you every step of the way as the best roofers in Glasgow.

For a FREE Roof Survey and FREE Estimate, call 0141 944 6100