About our service

With our over 30 years of business we know the construction industry inside and out. Our operatives are experienced with all various types of concrete repairs for business facilities, car parks, bridges and buildings. Balmore Contracting is one of the leading names in concrete repairs in Glasgow and we always offer our services at highly competitive prices.

We cater to any industry

Balmore has over the years acquired experience in repairing large range of commercial facilities and buildings in varying industries historic & new. Some of the industries that we provide services for are car showrooms, factories, car parks, confined spaces, transport facilities, communal areas and much more. Our staff always commit a hundred percent to any job they are assigned.

concrete steps repair

concrete access points

We repair using European Standard EN1504 material

When providing concrete repair services our operatives are trained to use a variety of specialist equipment. We provide you with a high-quality approved repair material along with our highly experienced tradesmen. The removal of the defective areas of concrete, preparation of the visible steel reinforcement and concrete reinstatement has to be done correctly for the repair to be effective.

Industrial Concrete Coatings

After repairing a protective industrial coating can be applied to all the exposed surfaces to enhance the lifetime durability and for aesthetic purposes. These coatings can protect against a variety of outside elements including further carbonation of the concrete and chloride ingress.